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First half of 2020. The pandemic had arrived, and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Not that I don’t have something to do. I was among the lucky ones whose business was not affected by the pandemic.

Until now, however, my daily life has been different. Dizzying pace. Lots of meetings, business, conversations, trips. I wanted it myself, at my own request. But still, it only came to me when I was forced by lockdown to sit at home.

It got to me that all this is great, but nevertheless, with all this I forgot about something so important as life. Such an everyday thing. And daily passions, but such private more, not professional.

And that’s how my animal passions came back to me.

Horses have always been with me. With my whole family. Almost as long as I can remember. First riding to Janow, then the family stable. I myself moved out of the family home quite early, but my family went into these horses much more strongly. Bigger stable, bigger hall, bigger area. And so it has stayed with them.

I, on the other hand, during this time study, work, business. Then there’s the family. And when her daughter grew old enough to sit in the saddle (she was finally about a year old, I think!) and she bolted. After all, that’s how it runs in our family. I, on the other hand, stayed away. I drove it on horses, of course. I attended my own brother’s competitions. I have talked to people about horses and riding. Ba! I even did a pretty good job of pretending to know it! But I didn’t get on the horse myself. Maybe once or twice in 18 years. I won’t say it didn’t follow me for a long time. But still, I successfully defended myself.

However, the pandemic has arrived. And it changed that. I got on the horse. And the passion is back. It came back with multiplied force, as if it wanted to repay me in advance for 18 years of avoiding it. In turn, I am soaking it in. Every day it gets stronger and stronger.

I’m a horseman again. And I have equestrians around me. And it was for equestrians that I originally built Stipl.

After moving to the city, it wasn’t long until I ran out of four-legged friends. We ended up with one dog – a wonderful dog, a female labrador retriever. She is no longer with us, but in the memory of me and all my family she will remain forever.

At one time I thought we managed to teach her a lot. Over time, it only became clear that she taught us a lot. She was also the one who gave us many tears of happiness and joy.

A few years later came another four-legged best friend. This time such a breed of lagotto romagnolo. And this one is also giving us a blast! But it also gives so much happiness, smiles and joy that I would not be able to describe it in words.

It’s hard not to be a dog person having such friends around you. It’s hard not to be an animal lover with them.

Karol Zielinski

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"From horse people, to horse people; from dog people, to dog people; from pet people, to pet people. Here you will find everything an animal lover, as well as his or her furry friend need."
Karol Zielinski